What Is Panchakarma?

What is panchakarma and how it can help to overcome obesity?

Panchakarma is a a purification process recommended by the 5000 year old ayurveda system of medicine. Unlike modern medicines ayurveda recognizes obesity as a desease and recommends the following fool – proof measures for removing fat from the body.

Purification : The average persons body is full of toxins. These toxins have accumulate in the body slowly over a period of time. These toxins are a result of negative emotions, stress and wrong eating habits.

Unchecked, these toxins accumulate in the fat cells making them rigid and difficult to dislodge.

To get rid of fat, removing these toxins from the body is very essential. Without removing toxins from the body .. fat removal is impossible. This is the reson why so many diet programmes have failed.

To purify the body of toxins ayurveda recomends a comprehensive cleaning programme known as “Panchakarma”

Panchakarma is an effective tool to remove all the toxins from the body and get fat loss benifits as a result.

Panchakarma involves the following steps :

  1. Pre Purification :
    1. Snehan Oil Massage
    2. Sweden Steam Therapy
  1. Purification :
    1. Vaman – Vomiting or Emesis
    2. Virechan – Purgation therapy
    3. Basti – Enema therapy
    4. Nasya – Nasal administration
    5. Raktamoksha – Blood purification

Its the most comprehensive cleaning programme under the sun.

Once the body gets rid of all the unwanted toxins and dirt, the fat loss is automatic. You feel lighter …. more energetic and look years younger than your age.

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