What Is Ayurveda & How Can I Lose Weight With It?

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old Indian system of medicine, which has remedies for every conceivable disease known to mankind.

The remedies of Ayurveda have been successfully used the world over for curing many diseases like obesity, cardiovasculr desease, arthritis, cancer, jaundice etc.

Ayurveda means the science of life. The roots of this science are in nature. As such all the recommendations and practices bring you closer and in harmony to nature and they seldom have any side effects as in the case of modern medicines.

Ayurveda sees a strong connection between mind, body, senses and in the soul. our senses can see and perceive the changes in the body but we cannot perceive what is happening in a subtle way in our mind and still subtle is the soul which is beyond the comprehension of most of us.

But the root of any change in the body starts at the most subtle level first and then in the mind and subsequently in the body for the senses to sense.

For the body to function properly the mind body and the senses must work in conjunction. Any imbalance here will mean problem for you. The total Ayurvedic approach is towards balancing the mind body and the senses and achieve perfect health.

Ayurveda sees you as made up of space, air, water, fire and earth. The whole creation i.e. nature is made up of these five elements. To remain healthy all these five elements must be balanced in the body just like in the nature.

To know how to apply this knowledge of Ayurveda to get rid of fat, we must understand the various ways in which these elements combine and form energy forces which affect us.

According to Ayurveda there are three types of energy forces or “doshas” that affect us in various ways. These forces are known as “TRIDOSHAS” or “three energies”.

  1. Vata Dosha: This is the first type of force which is a combination of space(ether) and air. Vata stands for movement and affects circulation, respiration and elimination.
  2. Pitta Dosha: This is the second force formed by the combination of fire and water. This force is mainly responsible for Metabolism and Thermogenesis. The main function of this dosha is to convert food into nutrients so that the body can assimilate them easily.
  3. Kapha Dosha:This is the third dosha formed by the combination of water and earth. This dosha gives protection and growth to you. The function of this dosha is to build the body and protect the various organs by giving protective layers like in the case of stomach where it provides stomach lining to protect it. Each individual is a combination of these three doshas in different proportion. Hence the dietary requirements also vary from person to person depending on the dominating force in his system. So if you want to get rid of fat, its very much important to know your own constitution first and follow the diet recommended by Ayurveda.

Ayurveda works on three levels to get rid of excess fat from the body.

  1. ELIMINATE TOXINS: Faulty diet, polluted environment and stressfull liviliving has introduced a lot of toxins into your systems. Definitly these toxins will create problems in one way or the other in the body. You must be aware that most of deseases like diabetes, cardio vascular deseases, colon cancer, gallbladder desease etc. are associated with obesity.

So, a good weight loss programme must begin with detoxification Because. Untill and unless these toxins are removed from your body there wont be any significant weight loss which can be sustained over a long period of time.

Shifting to a healthier diet plan without getting rid of the toxins in the body is just like putting a freshly prepared cake in a bin full of garbage. The cake also becomes garbage in a short while.

99% of the toxins can be eliminated through simple breathing and cleaning the excretery organs with the help of some herbs recommended by Ayurveda.

  1. BALANCING ALL THE THREE FORCES (humours) : The second step is to balance the three doshas viz.Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The toxins in your body has damaged the various organs responsible for weight loss, thus undermining your own bodies ability to loose weight.

Improving the functioning of these organs is the most important weightloss approach in Ayurveda.

This is done with the help of various herbs naturally available to you. Most of these herbs can be easily prepared at home.

These herbs healthe various organs responsible for weightloss as well as balance the various forces in your body.

  1. TAKE A HEALTHY DIET:Now that all the vital fat burning organs are working properly,you can take the diet recommended by Ayurveda for you.

According to Ayurveda one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. What this means is that every human being is unique. This uniqueness comes from the various combinations of the three doshas present in the body.

So, Ayurveda recommends a different diet for different type of people to keep off weight and live a healthy life.

Knowing your body type is very simple, you just need to answer some questions an add up the results.

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