Weight Loss Solutions That Work

Weight Loss Solutions That Work

There are many weight loss plans and natural remedies out there all claiming that their weight loss solutions work.

They promise that “magic pill” to solve all your weight loss issues. Unless you have been trying to lose weight, and have already attempted some of these diet “solutions”, it is very easy to fall for the hype and the seemingly easy and fast nature of these solutions.

The sad irony is that many of these “diets” fail, especially in the long term, because they ignore one vital fact. If your body senses any severe deprivation of the nourishment it needs, its fat-storing mechanism will automatically kick in.

Even though evolution has given us greater intelligence, such as the third part of our brain, our bodies have remained basically the same since time immemorial. It has always been perfect!

It’s Time to Get Real with Our Weight Loss Solutions

Most diets will usually deliver what they promise if you are prepared to struggle with the conditions imposed by them.

The only problem is that if you deviate at all from their instructions, you either stall with your weight loss or you start putting it back on. For the few that last the course and reach their goal weight, they face a lifetime of maintaining the struggle these types of diets impose. The other problem is that their bodies are usually denied a certain type of nourishment that they need to ward off disease and premature aging, depending on the diet.

The Word Diet is a Misnomer

Diets now have the connotation of being restrictive and unnatural when they were originally intended to address excesses in our eating habits. We have drifted away from fresh natural foods and have opted for convenient foods. Our increasingly stressful lifestyles have necessitated this shift in eating habits.

Sadly most diets have also shifted and now support this “fast” mentality. On one hand, they support the convenient type of foods while on the other hand they give us their”magic pills” and promise fast results.

There is only One Complete Diet

An ideal diet is one that satisfies all of the following conditions.

  • There is no continual struggle to keep to the diet.
  • The diet become a way of life easily and relatively quickly once your body adjusts to the initial change.
  • You become increasingly attracted to healthier foods because your body is returning to its natural state.
  • You are providing your body with all the nourishment it needs to maintain good health and to relieve stress.
  • You ultimately reach your weight loss goal quickly, easily and naturally.

If you haven’t guessed already, we only have to look as far as our body for our natural weight loss solutions. If it’s fresh from our environment, it’s good. If it’s been added to or processed, it’s no good. It really is as simple as that. An example is sugar cane. When it’s processed into sugar, it becomes the single most poisonous, weight-forming substance available – sugar.

Yet, people who have chewed sugar cane over time, have no tooth decay.

Lose Weight Naturally!

Meet the following conditions and you should be assured of easy and fast weight loss.

  • Eat fresh vegetables with at least two meals daily.
  • Don’t eat more than one fruit a day as it contains natural sugars that can increase weight – avoid fruit drinks.
  • Cut out all fats except the healthy ones such as meat and fish.
  • Cut out all oils except coconut, olive and macadamia nut oils.
  • Cut out all processed foods including most bread.
  • Drink fresh water regularly without overdoing it.
  • Exercise moderately, walking briskly for half an hour three times a week would do.
  • Get into the sun and the fresh air for at least 15 minutes a day.

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