AADAR RE-LAX PRO | Faster Relief from Constipation and Gastric Issues | 60 Capsules | Helps in Digestion, Bowel Care and Acidity | Senna, Trivrut, Harad

Price: ₹ 300.00 - ₹ 250.00
(as of Feb 06,2020 11:37:48 UTC – Details)

AADAR is an ode to Ayurveda. To simpler times. To the keepers of wellness. Packed with the goodness of nutrition, and powered by the science that goes back 6000 years, AADAR is committed to offering you the true value of Ayurveda, and not just its essence. Every pack of AADAR is obviously natural and cruelty-free. So it’s inherently full of good, leaving you with absolutely no side effects. And allowing you to cope with the pressures of modern lifestyle, without breaking a sweat. Just like old times. Here’s some good old Ayurveda. Some good old habits.

Re-Lax Pro, as you can guess is a natural laxative. Filled with the goodness of Senna Patti, Trivrut and Haritaki (Harad), and developed on the principles of Ayurveda, Re-lax does wonders to your gut. In a manner that’s unique only to AADAR. Re-lax stimulates your body to find ways to cope with gastric problems. Helping you heal from within, naturally. Helping you live a life and lifestyle that’s uninterrupted with health scares.

ADDED BENEFITS OF HERBS: Re-Lax Pro is a unique blend of herbal ingredients, such as Senna, Trivrut, Harad, Ajwain and Kala Namak. While Senna leaves and Harad helps in relief from constipation, Trivrut helps with gastric troubles.
FDCA AND GMP CERTIFIED: So that you can be sure of the purity, quality and authenticity of what you put in your mouth. So, you don’t have to put your mind to work, when it comes to your gut. ★ Tested for Heavy Metals ★ Made in India ★ No chemicals ★ Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ★ Approved by Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA).
SAFE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Clinically tested and validated, Re-lax Pro is a natural and ayurvedic product and is absolutely safe to consume daily, without worrying about dependency.
HOW TO USE: Two capsules with warm water, every day, before going to bed. Living a healthy life is a matter of discipline. And making AADAR Re-Lax Pro as part of your routine, helps offer comprehensive gut care.

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