Ideas on how to exercise at home

If you’re interested in getting into better shape but don’t really want to join a public gym, there are plenty of ways to work around this.  Many people are fast to think that being in good shape means you’ll have to spend hours and hours at the gym, but this isn’t the case.

If you can devote 30 minutes to exercise per day, doing it right in the comfort of your own home, you can see noticeable differences in just a few weeks time.

Let’s have a look at a few of the best ways to exercise at home.

Climb Stairs

Looking for a fast way to get in some cardio?  While at the gym you might have chosen to hop onto the treadmill, bike, or elliptical, when exercising at home you likely don’t have one of these machines sitting in your living room.

But what you do likely have is a set of stairs.  Stair running can be just as effective, if not even more effective than running is when it comes to burning off body fat, so don’t think twice.

Run up and down the stairs three to four times in a row and then take a 45 second rest and walk around at a slow pace.  Then repeat this process another four to five times and you will have an absolutely fantastic fat burning workout.

Try Jump Rope

Another alternative if running stairs isn’t quite your thing is jumping rope.  Here again, jump rope is an intense calorie burner, allowing you to burn even more calories than a fast run would.

Be sure to be patient with yourself with this exercise however as it can take some getting used to.

Try and skip for one minute straight if you can, then allow yourself to rest for a minute.  Alternate between on and off periods ten to twelve times to create this skipping workout.

Get A Set Of Adjustable Dumbbells

For the resistance training element of things, if you want to firm up your body fast, getting a set of adjustable dumbbells is the way to go.  You can perform movements to target the entire body with these including lunges, squats, shoulder presses, chest presses lying on the floor, bent over rows, as well as bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises.

Perform eight to twelve reps of each exercise moving from one right to the next as quickly as you can.  Rest for two minutes once the circuit has been completed and then perform once more through and you’ll be well on your way to adding more muscle definition.

Try Resistance Bands

Finally, if you aren’t so fond of dumbbells, another alternative is to use resistance bands.  These are becoming very popular among those who choose to workout at home because they can easily be stored away in a dresser drawer when not in use.

Hold each end of the resistance band in either of your hands and perform many of the same exercises you would with your dumbbells such as squats, shoulder presses, chest presses, bicep curls, lateral raises, and bent over rows.

So there you have some quick tips for creating an effective and fast at home workout.  If you can commit to doing your resistance training exercises twice per week and your cardio workout twice per week as well, while also combining this with a great diet and a supplement such as Phen375 to boost your metabolic rate, you will have a killer fat burning formula that will get you the body you’re after.

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